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Aagoo Records (Link)
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Adeline Records (Link)
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Afterhours (Link)
Alcopop! Records (Link)
Alien Transistor (Link)
AllPoints (Link)
Aloud Music (Link)
Anti Records (Link)
Anti-Rudo Records (Link)
Arbutus Records (Link)
The Arcadia Agency (Link)
Artificial Sounds (Link)
Artoffact Records (Link)
ASL Records (Link)
A Tant Rêver du Roi (Link)
A Tenderversion Recording (Link)
ATO Records (Link)
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AWDR/LR2 (Link)
Axis Mundi Records (Link)

B3SCI Records (Link)
Bad Life (Link)
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Banished From The Universe (Link)
Barely Regal Records (Link)
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Beatnik Creative (Link)
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Believe Recordings (Link)
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Birds Will Sing For You (Link)
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Boompa Records (Link)
Breakup Records (Link)
Bright Antenna Records (Link)
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bud music, inc. (Link)
Burger Records (Link)
Burning Building Recordings (Link)

Cadence Music Group (Link)
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Capsul Collectif (Link)
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Coward Records (Link)
City Slang Records (Link)
Clam Club (Link)
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Club AC30 (Link)
CRC Music (Link)
Create/Control (Link)
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Dirty Hit (Link)
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Discos Río Bueno (Link)
Discos Robar (Link)
Disposable America (Link)
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Dog Knights Productions (Link)
Domino Records (Link)
Dom Music (Link)
Double Double Whammy (Link)
doubleplusgood records (Link)
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Drag City Records (Link)
Drink Tonight Records (Link)
Dualtone Music Group (Link)
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EggHunt Records (Link)
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Fresh Yo! Label (Link)
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Fueled By Ramen (Link)
Full Time Hobby (Link)
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Future Classic (Link)

Gateway Music (Link)
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Ghost Factory Records & Arts (Link)
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Gnar Tapes (Link)
Goldon Records (Link)
Gourmets Rec (Link)
Grand Gallop Music (Link)
Grammofonbolaget Deluxe (Link)
Graveface Records (Link)
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Grind Select (Link)
GroundSwell Music (Link)

Habit Music Company (Link)
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Hand In Hive (Link)
happyfoot | sadfoot | records (Link)
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HUB The Label (Link)
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I Want The Moon (Link)

Jacuzzi Suit (Link)
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Just Music (Link)

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Knock up! (Link)
Koke Plate (Link)
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Kompakt (Link) (Link)

LAB Records (Link)
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Lantis (Link)
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Laughing Outlaw Records (Link)
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No Pain In Pop (Link)
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Novel Sounds (Link)
Nowadays Records (Link)
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NX Records (Link)
NXVX (Link)

Oak Island Records (Link)
Obrien (Link)
Odd Box Records (Link)
OIM Records (Link)
Omnichord Records (Link)
One Little Indian Records (Link)
Ongakubaka Records (Link)
only in dreams (Link)
On The Camper Records (Link)
Ooh La La Records (Link)
Organic Audio (Link)
Outside Music (Link)
Overlook Records (Link)
Oxide Tones (Link)

Pad & Pen Records (Link)
Panta R&E (Link)
Paper Wings Records (Link)
Partisan Records (Link)
Patchrock (Link)
Petroleum Records (Link)
[PIAS] Recordings (Link)
Pieater (Link)
Pimodan Records (Link)
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Play + Record (Link)
Play It Again Sam (Link)
Play It Loudly Records (Link)
Plug Research Music (Link)
Plutoid Records (Link)
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Ponyrec (Link)
Popup-Records (Link)
Precious Snowflake Records (Link)
Propeller Recordings (Link)
Punk Elvis Records (Link)
Pure Noise Records (Link)
P-Vine Records (Link)

Rabbit Ear Records (Link)
Rallye Label (Link)
ramble (Link)
Razzia Records (Link)
RCA Records (Link)
Ready Set Music (Link)
Record Records (Link)
Redfield Records (Link)
Reekus Records (Link) (Link)
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Reptile Music (Link)
Riot Factory (Link)
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Rocketman Records (Link)
Rock Svirke Records (Link)
Roll Call Records (Link)
Rough Trade Records (Link)
Rumraket (Link)
Run For Cover Records (Link)
Rye on the All Golden (Link)

Saddle Creek Records (Link)
Sango Records (Link)
Sargent House (Link)
SAT records (Link)
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Schole Records (Link)
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Season of Mist (Link)
Seayou Records (Link)
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Secretly Canadian (Link)
SEM label (Link)
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Shoulder Tap Records (Link)
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Signature Sounds (Link)
Silent Mode (Link)
Siluh Records (Link)
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Sinnbus (Link)
Sipping Jetstreams Records (Link)
Skud & Smarty Records (Link)
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Small Plates Records (Link)
Small Pond Recordings (Link)
SoHiTek Records (Link)
Soliti (Link)
Somehow Ecstatic Records (Link)
Sommarhjärta (Link)
sonaBLAST! Records (Link)
Son Buenos (Link)
Sonic Anhedonic Recording Company (Link)
Sonic Cathedral Recordings (Link)
Sooper Records (Link)
Sophori Field Company (Link)
So Recordings (Link)
Sparks Music (Link)
Spartan Records (Link)
Speaker Snacks Recs (Link)
Spinnup (Link)
Splendid Music (Link)
Sportklub Rotter Damm (Link)
Spunk Records (Link)
SQE Music (Link)
Stolen Recordings (Link)
Stop Records (Link)
Stop Start (Link)
Studio d'Ikken (Link)
studioNUITO (Link)
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Succulent Recordings (Link)
Sugarcane Recordings (Link)
SunWoofer (Link)
Superball Music (Link)
Superstar Destroyer Records (Link)
Syndicate (Link)
Synth Records (Link)

Talking Shop Records (Link)
Tannen Records (Link)
Tantana Records (Link)
Tape Club Records (Link)
Tape Music (Link)
Tapetown Records (Link)
TEEF Records (Link)
Teenage Menopause Records (Link)
Temporary Residence Ltd. (Link)
Tender. (Link)
A Tenderversion Recording (Link)
Tenth Court (Link)
Tetra Records (Link)
The Arcadia Agency (Link)
The A&R Department (Link)
The Control Group (Link)
The Memory Farm (Link)
The Native Sound (Link)
Théque Records (Link)
The Smallest Label (Link)
Third Rock Recordings (Link)
Thirty Days Of Night Records (Link)
This Is Fake DIY Records (Link)
Thomason sounds (Link)
Thrill Jockey Records (Link)
Through Love Rec (Link)
Tiny Engines (Link)
Tirreno dischi (Link)
To Lose La Track (Link)
Tomlab (Link)
ton-e music (Link)
Tonequake Records (Link)
Tooth & Nail Records (Link)
Toothfairy (Link)
Topshelf Records (Link)
Totally Gross National Product (Link)
Tragic Hero Records (Link)
Transgressive Records (Link)
Trap 6 Records (Link)
Tree Garden Records (Link)
Triple Crown Records (Link)
Triumphton Records (Link)
TUTL Records (Link)
Twenty Seven Records (Link)
Two Gentlemen Records (Link)
Two Sisters Records (Link)

U/M/A/A (Link)
Unday Records (Link)
Underdogs (Link)
United We Fly (Link)
Unity Sound (Link)
Unrecords (Link)
Unseen Music (Link)

V2 Records (Link)
V4V Records (Link)
Vagrant Records (Link)
Valb Label (Link)
Vegetable Record (Link)
Victor Entertainment (Link)
VILD Recordings (Link)
Vina Records (Link)
Vintage Records (Link)
Violet Noise Records (Link)
Virgin Babylon Records (Link)
Voice Of The Unheard (Link)
Voleur Records (Link)
Votiv (Link)
Vox Project (Link)

Walnut Tree Records (Link)
Warp Records (Link)
Waste My Records (Link)
Wayside and Woodland Recordings (Link)
We Were Never Being Boring collective (Link)
Wichita Recordings (Link)
WIFE (Link)
Wigwam Records (Link)
Wind-up Records (Link)
Wiretap Records (Link)
Without Consent Records (Link)
Woah Dad! (Link)
Wohnzimmer Records (Link)
Wonderlick Recording Company (Link)

XL Recordings (Link)
X Production (Link)
XYZ Berlin (Link)

Yellow K Records (Link)
Yep Roc Records (Link)
Yotanka (Link)
Young And Lost Club (Link)
Yunizon (Link)

Zealrecords (Link)
Z Tapes (Link)
ZRP (Link)

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100% Records (Link)
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3P3B (Link)
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